Call Backs



Whether we like it or not, advertising shapes our perceptions from a very young age. As advertisers we need to ask ourselves what sort of world are we projecting and what sort of biases might we be quietly perpetuating. ➤ The SF Egotist

Procter & Gamble Elevator Pitch


It was a blast doing Procter & Gamble’s Elevator Pitch at Ad Age’s Small Agency Conference. Read more about Pete Carter, Procter & Gamble’s Brand Positioning and Advertising Specialist, and his take on the experience. LinkedIn

Bridge to Possible



Thank our lucky stars there are people like Vanessa Russell. She is a dance instructor and Cisco employee turned savior. In her spare time Vanessa started her own non-profit to help victims of sex trafficking. We are more than proud to tell her story. And congratulate her on just recently making her non-profit her fulltime job.

15 Toxic Words


Everything wears out. Socks. Tires. People. Words. In advertising our job is mostly to explain things in new and interesting ways. If we use old, tired, clichéd language we may never give our new product its one chance to be heard. Every day, a proven word or expression falls out of favor. Careful you aren’t the last to use it. ➤ LinkedIn