The Problem with Explainer Videos


We get more requests for explainer videos than any other thing. But don’t confuse these stick figure shorts for brand storytelling. To connect customers to your brand you’ll want to create something memorable, and you’ll need go well beyond the facts. Read on at: ➤ LinkedIn



In celebration of Easter this year, we embraced the holiday as an opportunity to shake things up. It allowed us time to evaluate our personnel, and courageously go where no other agency had gone before. Many advertising shops talk about disruption, but we are the first to eschew the canine mascot stranglehold and opt for a bunny. ➤ The SF Egotist

No Homepage Hero Video?


With more and more video viewing happening on-line, it only makes sense that more and more people are expecting to hear about your company in the form of a video. A homepage hero video is no longer just a “nice to have”, but an important piece of business hygiene. Did you know that over 60% of people would prefer to watch a video before they read the text your site? Read on at: ➤ LinkedIn

Remembering Tommy


After a lot of work here by everyone at Storymachine (thanks Caroline and Michel!) launching this thing in Tom’s memory feels really good. Thanks to The SF Egotist and all of you who liked, or linked, and just sent one of those closed fist emojis. You are awesome. It’s such a challenge to figure out the best way to keep someone’s memory alive, but in this case, I feel I got it right. From now on he’ll be here every day I walk in the door, and I couldn’t ask for more.


Callaway Golf


Callaway was spending over $10 million a year on their celebrity endorsers but not really getting much out of it. To unlock the value of this investment, we suggested a collection of web films. The idea was to reveal what each golfer got out of winning besides obvious stuff like trophies and cash prizes. We wanted to find out what made them tick. With an eye towards efficiency, we also generated Callaway’s TV campaign and years-worth of content.