Real-Time Crime Center



Cisco is the innovative technology company behind a lot of technology that powers our lives. As cameras proliferate in the fight against crime, Cisco is enabling things like New Orleans’s Real-time Crime Center. Thanks to Cisco, crime is down and tourism is up in the Big Easy.




Traeger is a brand built on fun, good company, and great food. This film was made to accompany Traeger’s entry into public markets, and to tell the story of how they built their category-building lifestyle brand one brisket at a time.

Pray for Snow



After 3 years or drought, the ski industry turned its weary eyes to the coming season. For Squaw Valley and its diehard ski crowd, “Pray for Snow” became a rallying cry for the coming year. To tap into the zeitgeist of alpine enthusiasts across Northern California we created the following film. And blessedly, it dumped.




Behind every great mall is a ton of technology. The world of retail in no longer about window clings and sales signs. The next generation of malls are enabled by smart parking, reactive digital signage, and state of the art security systems. Transactions are great, but today’s mall is all about the customer experience.

Bridge Award Winners



When it comes to mobilizing their workforce for the greater good, Cisco puts its money where its mouth is. Every year, Cisco employees are afforded two full weeks of salary to do charitable outside of the office. From helping children in orphanages to fighting human trafficking and beyond, Cisco employees are making a difference. They are well on their way and to reaching the corporate goal of positively impacting a billion lives by 2022.