Callaway Golf


Callaway was spending over $10 million a year on their celebrity endorsers but not really getting much out of it. To unlock the value of this investment, we suggested a collection of web films. The idea was to reveal what each golfer got out of winning besides obvious stuff like trophies and cash prizes. We wanted to find out what made them tick. With an eye towards efficiency, we also generated Callaway’s TV campaign and years-worth of content.

Real-Time Crime Center



Cisco is the innovative technology company behind a lot of technology that powers our lives. As cameras proliferate in the fight against crime, Cisco is enabling things like New Orleans’s Real-time Crime Center. Thanks to Cisco, crime is down and tourism is up in the Big Easy.

Get Happy



The Toyota Prius is a perennial favorite among Californians. In fact, Prius’s have the highest satisfaction rating of any car in the state. There’s something about these cars that makes people feel all warm and fuzzy. And there’s nothing wrong that.

Jonny Moseley Rewind



Jonny Moseley is a gold medalist and the ultimate brand ambassador. He lives and breathes Squaw Valley. In this short film he shares what the previous season was all about, and why he looks forward to hitting the mountains year after year.

Sampo Yoshi

Poncho’s Solar


Poncho’s is an original Hawaiian brand. Steeped in the community, everyone knows Poncho’s. Instead of the hyperbolic variety of solar commercials with screaming salesmen, we went for an approach that said: loved, trusted and local.