how we do it

We move fast

We start with something called the Story Sprint. In as little as 90 minutes we can gather all we need to get started on your project.

We embrace efficiency

We understand how resource-intensive video can be. It demands a lot from you. We take the complexities of production off your plate. We have exhaustively built efficiency into our system. This is what we mean by the machine in Storymachine.

We run lean and mean

This doesn’t mean we cut corners. Quality is our ultimate goal. It just means we don’t have vast ranks people playing the telephone game, nor do we maintain lavish Madison Avenue-style digs.

The world is moving faster every day. If you are not leading the charge, you are most likely being crushed beneath it. As much as we can make time, budget and resources non-factors, you must first believe video is the surest way to success. We certainly do.